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photographer & videographer based in Los Angeles



About me :

I stumbled into photography when I started taking photos of the band Carney (Reeve Carney of Penny Dreadful, Zane Carney of John Mayer’s band). My love of capturing their moments quickly turned into working with other musicians, which then threw me into the world of video editing.  Harper’s Bazaar recently featured one of my mood videos, which can be viewed in the Wedding section.

Combining my style of imagery with music created a new expressive outlet so I began making short films of weddings and mood videos for different businesses. My work began to encompass a little bit of everything in life; landscape photography, wedding short films, interior design photography & various types of portraits. Working with both digital and film, my love of creating extends into capturing the beautiful and natural.  Crossing into academia as well, I am also a history professor at Los Angeles Valley College.

Contact –

Instagram: ella_hovsepian